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  Barista Plus @ GREENBEAN Affiliates

GREENBEAN COFFEE ROASTERS has been in business supplying top-end coffee shops with speciality coffee hot from our Dundalk Roasthouse, for nearly 40 years. We have competed successfully in a very dynamic market by sourcing only the best raw coffees and roasting & blending to local water-profiles. In other words, taking the very best care possible in the running of our business. We sell our beans throughout the whole island of Ireland and have built a Roastery enterprise in England in recent years.


We created Barista Plus @ GREENBEAN Affiliates programme with the opening of our 1st real-time working shop in the centre of Dundalk in the summertime of 2023. Our 2nd shop was opened in July 2024 at our Roasthouse. With our vast well of knowledge and experience we are very well placed to offer a full package to affiliates detailing how (in this difficult climate) to make money in this industry that we all love so well.


THIS IS NOT A FRANCHISE. There are no up-front fees nor will we ask you to pay an annual %  sales commission. We will provide branding, coffee beans, training and coffee equipment all at market prices. We also offer Barista Training for the public (administered & paid through our own website), retail coffee sales, ongoing online promotion of your business, wholesale opportunities, etc., etc. Oh, and did I say training, training, training! Some of these profit centres might not be relevant to your requirements but to be sure, all we need is information on your premises and we can give considered advice on your best way forward.


If you are interested in becoming a Barista Plus @ GREENBEAN Affiliate in either Ireland or Northern Ireland please contact the undersigned to discuss in greater depth;


Patrick Grant-Master Roaster & M.D.




Tel: 00353 42 9332417