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Insistence on excellence. The Greenbean Coffee Company history


Deirdre Grant set up a coffee company to sell ground coffee and coffee beans to quality-conscious caterers in Northern Ireland in the early 1980s. Deirdre sourced her pre-roasted coffee from a foreign roaster and quickly found (to her dismay) that her overseas suppliers were much less interested in her customers’ welfare than she was. She quickly came to understand that the only way to ensure that the standards she demanded could be maintained, was to source and roast the coffee herself. Although it was not the most economically feasible way of doing it Deirdre and Pat Grant invested in a small coffee roaster and began roasting it themselves. They soon learned that the total control they achieved over the quality and freshness of the coffee far outweighed the economic disadvantages.

Our roast house is in Dundalk, halfway between Belfast and Dublin, with excellent links to the rest of Ireland. Greenbean Coffee Roasters has grown alongside our clients over the years, but we remain a small, flexible and tight-knit team. We’re still as obsessive about quality, freshness and flavour as Deirdre and Pat Grant were in the early days. Our customer base has grown but we are still very small in comparison to the big brands. One thing has remained consistent throughout our history, we produce the very best coffee for discerning customers throughout Britain and Ireland.

Wherever you see Greenbean coffee served, you know for certain that your host really cares about coffee, appreciates its subtleties and complexities and understands that the genesis of great coffee is great beans. This is the fundamental principle that has served Greenbean Coffee Roasters and our customers through every day of our history. We hope you enjoy the coffee as much as we enjoy producing it.